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9401-9947 Airport Way S
Seattle, WA, 98108
United States

Flight Test OLD


As we make ready for our first flight many folks have been asking who are test pilot is. We are extremely fortunate and proud to report we have one of the very best in the business, Captain Thomas Imrich. He is also overseeing our entire test program. 

Most recently Capt. Imrich served as a Senior Engineering Test Pilot for the Boeing Company, assigned primarily to supporting the B747-8 test program. He served as Co-Captain for the "first flight" of Boeing's new B747-8. Before that B747 effort, he served as Boeing’s Chief Research Test Pilot. In that capacity, he was engaged in design and testing of the full range of recent Boeing jet transport models, from the B737NG, to the B777, and B787. He was qualified as a Boeing Flight Test DER/AR, as well as a production test pilot. Captain Imrich retired from the Boeing Company on August 4, 2011. 

Prior to Boeing, Capt Imrich was a member of the staff of MIT’s Flight Transportation Laboratory, served as an active duty officer in the USAF Flight Research and Test Branch of the AF’s Flight Dynamics Laboratory, and held a variety of management and technical positions within FAA, in FAA’s Flight Standard’s Divisions. He helped start the Northwest Mountain Region’s Transport Directorate, serving as head of the FAA’s Transport Aircraft AEGs, and was the FAA’s first National Resource Specialist (NRS) for Air Carrier Operations. In that role, Capt. Imrich served as a pilot-inspector directly involved with the operational introduction of various large transport aircraft, including the MD-80, B757, B767, B737-300 B737-400/500/600/700/800, B747-400, MD-11, A330, A340, and B777. While at FAA, he also formulated various rules or policies for "All Weather Operations", Category III Landing, RNP, GLS, Head Up-Display (HUD), Future Air Navigation System (FANS), data link, collision avoidance (TCAS), windshear, and crew qualification. He has served on numerous RTCA, ICAO, or aviation rule-making (ARAC) related panels, task forces, or committees, and served as the United States Representative to ICAO's Operations Panel.

Capt Imrich completed his undergraduate and graduate studies in Aeronautics and Astronautics at MIT. He has been recognized with numerous awards, holds multiple patents, and is a member of AIAA, SAE, and Sigma Xi. He is also an Associate Fellow of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots.  


We're on a roll now!

On May 14th we began taxi tests at Boeing Field.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as our flight test program leads to our first flight!