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Personal World Cruiser Passport


Personal World Cruiser Passport


This limited edition passport is one of the exciting ideas that our team has come up with, to share our celebration world flight. It opens with a dedication to Martin and Harvey, of the Command Ship, Seattle, who were unable to complete the first flight around the world, but whose spirits went with the successful crews—and we celebrate their tenacity and courageous efforts, as part of the team. Other pages tell the story of the original flight plan; Major General Mason Patrick, Chief of the Air Service; and Donald Wills Douglas, aircraft designer. This passport is designed in such a way that the holders will be e-mailed a photo from each stop, which they can print and paste in the appropriate space, just like the photo albums and diaries of the time period. Also, there is an area for text and we will add notes along our route, to go with the photos. The passport ends as a journal, with a space for the owner’s name and some final notes of their experience.

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