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Welcome to the Seattle World Cruiser gift shop. All proceeds help fund the project. 

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Breitling Navitimer Lottery

In 2017, this fine Breitling Navitimer watch, serial number 319/500, was carried around the world on a tour in the magnificent Breitling DC-3. This watch is being raffled: 100 tickets at $500 each. The current value of this watch is $10,000. and YOUR Breitling Navitimer will be greatly enhanced in its value, as it will be carried around the world, for a second time, in the Seattle II, our reproduction of the historic Douglas World Cruiser of 1924. Our flight will celebrate that historic first flight that made Douglas famous and gave the company its motto: “First Around the World.” To learn more about the Breitling DC-3 click here.

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Challenge Coin 1

This is a very special design and minted to contain within the color, enamel, and actual metal from the original flagship aircraft, Seattle. We call this coin our DNA coin, and we are thrilled to be able to offer one of the most unique mementoes possible. This coin is a tribute to all of the crews and aircraft that departed Seattle on 6 April 1924. The coin, as pictured, comes in its own padded case and Letter of Authenticity, from the mint.


Challenge Coin 2

Our second coin offering celebrates our flight, in bronze and color, and has a detailed route map of the first flight around the world. This finely minted coin comes in a protective plastic case and will be sent to you in a royal blue velvet pouch.

Challenge Coin 3

This coin is similar—the same in design as our bronze coin, except it is minted in silver, and contains 2 Troy Ounces of silver. All of these coins are US minted and are the highest quality of the minter’s art.

Silk Scarf

This is more than a scarf: this is an art treasure custom-designed for our project. This beautiful silk is so delicate it could fly—and yet it carries the first world flight’s route around your shoulders.

Fine Art Print

Our great friend and renowned artist, Mr. John Amendola, has painted a commemorative scene of the first world flight, leaving Seattle. It’s title, “Let’s Go!,” was taken from the rallying cry of the world flight crews. As the scene depicts the flagship, Seattle, lifting into morning mist and the Great Unknown that lies before them. This fine art print is being offered as a Thank You for your $150.00-Level support.

Seattle World Cruiser Passport

This passport is one of the exciting ideas that our team has come up with, to share our celebration world flight. It opens with a dedication to Martin and Harvey, of the Command Ship, Seattle, who were unable to complete the first flight around the world, but whose spirits went with the successful crews—and we celebrate their tenacity and courageous efforts, as part of the team. Other pages tell the story of the original flight plan; Major General Mason Patrick, Chief of the Air Service; and Donald Wills Douglas, aircraft designer. This passport is designed in such a way that the holders will be e-mailed a photo from each stop, which they can print and paste in the appropriate space, just like the photo albums and diaries of the time period. Also, there is an area for text and we will add notes along our route, to go with the photos. The passport ends as a journal, with a space for the owner’s name and some final notes of their experience.

World Flight Airmail

In the tradition of early historic flights, the Seattle World Cruiser will carry a limited number of air mail covers, around the world. These covers will be stamped and dated at the departure and signed by all aircrew members—and dated at the return to Seattle