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Welcome to the official site of the Seattle World Cruiser Project. Celebrating the first circumnavigation of the globe by air.

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This year marks the 90th anniversary of the Douglas World Cruisers return to Seattle to complete the first flight around the world. An estimated 40,000 spectators were on hand at Sand Point on September 28th 1924 to welcome the fliers back to Seattle. After landing, the pilots and crew of the Douglas World Cruisers were whisked away to the official welcoming reception at the Volunteer Park bandstand. A mayor, governor, Admiral, General and ambassador all spoke. The Chamber of Commerce presented the fliers with rings made of Alaskan gold. They were also later awarded the MacKay Trophy for the “meritorious flight of the year”.  

Of the eight aviators that were part of the flight, two retired as major generals, one a brigadier general, one a vice president for Lockheed Aviation, and three as colonels.  Of the six who circumnavigated, five retired from the military within three years. A generation later, four returned to Army Air Forces leadership roles for the duration of World War II.

Archival footage from the National Archives of their arrival back in Seattle:

Latest News:

We're very excited to announce that The Cruiser recently took its first steps under its own power! This is a major milestone for the project. These taxi tests are paving the way for our first flight.  We are also refining plans for a Kickstarter campaign which will go live in the near future. We will be posting more details about all of this here so check back often! 


2013 saw a lot of great progress that included the first public rollout of the Seattle II.  2014 is already proving to be an equally action packed year as we get closer to our first test flights and continue to refine arrangements for our World Flight.

To usher in the next phase of the project we've decided to give the website a tune up and a fresh coat of paint. As always, we'll continue to post the latest news about the project and alerts for upcoming events. We'll also be expanding the site to include more interesting and fun new features about our project as well as content about the 1924 flight. If this is your first time visiting our site, the three links below offer a great introduction to our project. 

In observance of the 90th Anniversary of the historic 1924 flight, you can now track the year to date progress of that journey by clicking the red banner at the top of the page. It will take you to a site created by the National Museum of the Air Force that uses actual reports from the 1924 flight to chronicle the events of each stop around the world.  


Learn about the historic first flight around the world that inspired this project. 


Discover what the Seattle World Cruiser World Project is all about and take a look at how the aircraft was put together. 


Find out how you can lend your support and learn about the outstanding people and organizations that are helping us toward our goal.