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The Seattle II is powered by the same type of engine that powered the original Cruisers; a 400 HP Liberty V-12.engine. Many consider the engine to be the most important contribution the United States made to aviation technology during World War I. It was designed in just 6 days by Jesse G. Vincent of Packard and Elbert J. Hall of Hall-Scott in mid-1917 for the U.S. Government. Automakers Ford, Lincoln, Packard, Marmon, and Buick produced 20,748 Liberty 12s before the Armistice. Liberty V-12 engines also powered the first aircraft to cross the Atlantic, the Curtiss NC-4, and the first plane to make a nonstop flight across the U.S. a Fokker T-2.  

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The first public running of the Lincoln-built Liberty V-12 engine.

(Video courtesy of Russel Williams)