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Welcome to the official site of the Seattle World Cruiser Project. Celebrating the first circumnavigation of the globe by air.

Cruiser News: 


December 2017: We're Afloat!

Another milestone for the project occurred recently, the installation of the floats! Many thanks to our volunteers for all their help. Click on the images on the lower right to enlarge them. 

Once we finish getting the floats securely installed we can begin planning for the next phases of our flight test program. Stay tuned!


Roland, Gary & Bob—the floats are under the Cruiser!  

Roland, Gary & Bob—the floats are under the Cruiser!

Dominic and Bob in the ceremonial handshake.


Set your clocks!                                        

We're excited to announce that plans are underway to begin our world flight on April 6, 2018. Be sure to check back to get the latest updates  about upcoming fundraising events and flight plans! 

We're very happy to report that our upgraded Liberty V-12 engine has arrived and is currently being installed in the Cruiser. We will be transitioning to flying the Cruiser on floats some time in August. To learn more about our Liberty engine click on the following link: Liberty Power.


Cruiser Countdown Clock

To learn about past Cruiser events follow this link: Past News


Learn about the historic first flight around the world that inspired this project. 


Discover what the Seattle World Cruiser World Project is all about and take a look at how the aircraft was put together. 


Find out how you can lend your support and learn about the outstanding people and organizations that are helping us toward our goal.