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August 16th

August 16th

Daily Flight Information:

The World Flight is ready to continue but must wait in Reykjavik for favorable weather for the flight to Greenland.

World Flight Changes Plans for Next Hop

Daily Report

by Lt. L. P. Arnold, "Chicago", Mechanic

Still the Angmasalik harbor is full of young icebergs & in addition the boats enroute report bad weather and 50 mile [per hour wind speed] gales. So here we sit waiting to see what happens.

Tentative plans were made today so that if the situation in Angmasalik does not clear up soon we may hop direct to the southernmost point of Iceland and then to Frederiksdal -- a distance of 820 miles -- 750 of which is a water jump & which we want to avoid if possible. Ten hours of water flying all at once is guaranteed to produce several gray hairs anytime.

Locatelli, the Italian aviator, arrived today in Hornafjord, coming from Thorshaven where he spent the night.

Daily Report

by Lt. L. H. Smith, Commander

This morning, all hope of using Angmasalik was abandoned and plans made for a nonstop flight from Reykjavik to Frederiksdal, Greenland, where an emergency base had been established. The position of the naval ships will be changed accordingly.