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April 14th

April 14th

Daily Flight Information:

The World Flyers are preparing for the next hop to Chignik, Alaska 

Bad Weather Today World Flyers Hope to Continue Tomorrow

Daily Report

by Maj. FL Martin Commanding

This morning, we arose early to to find it snowing hard which prevented our departure today as the storm continued until noon.

our Flight to Seward

by by Lt. E. Nelson New Orleans Pilot

General inspection, routine work and servicing. The batteries were removed from all the planes and recharged. The new engine installed in Plane No. 3 at Seattle was throwing considerable oil out of the rocker arm bearings. Also had a bad knock. The hand servicing gasoline pumps were also beginning to give trouble at this stop due to the vanes in same being badly worn against the rough housing. The pump in Plane No. 4 was disassembled and the vanes smoothed with a file and carborundum stone.

Daily Report

by Lt. L.P. Arnold, Chicago Mechanic

Up at 5 a.m. but snowing quite hard, which condition lasted until about six this evening. Consequently we all put in a day somewhat at ease & well deserved after yesterday. Everyone agreed that the last snowstorm encountered was the toughest one known & that from now on more precautions will be taken regarding weather reports.

Extra anchors were put out on all the planes to guard against a blow, for from fishermen we learned that this harbor gets so rough that boats can't even lay alongside the docks

A fishing smack tied up at the wharf we work from & we all were interested spectators in their unloading, methods, & their boat. The crew had an amusing hour teaching me how to tie knots, they are a rough & ready bunch of men, but all were only too willingly to help us out in any way they could.

This evening the moon came out and the effect upon the mountains was beyond description, most wonderful scenic effects in the world are right here in Alaska I claim. Evening reports of weather along our next hop seem favorable for tomorrow, all hope they are same in a.m