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April 18th

April 18th

Daily Flight Information:

The World Flight will be delayed in Chignik, Alaska another day awaiting improved weather.  

World Flight to Proceed to Dutch Harbor without Seattle

The "Chicago", "Boston" and "New Orleans" plan to leave for Dutch Harbor, Unalaska Island tomorrow. The "Seattle" is at Kanatak, Alaska awaiting a replacement engine.

The World Flyers decided to proceed to Dutch Harbor because of poor conditions at Chignik, Alaska. The potential for severe weather was determined to create too great a risk for the airplanes so the flight to Dutch Harbor was authorized.

Once at Dutch Harbor, the flyers will await the arrival of the "Seattle" expected within a week after an engine change at Kanatak.

Daily Report

by Lt. L.P. Arnold, Chicago Mechanic

Today we started out bright and early and made preparations to get away, but again the weather reports for the westward were poor & since the flight from Sitka to Seward we are not a bit keen about flying in snow, and so we layed over another day.

We received a long wire today from the Naval College saying that the harbors in the Kurile Islands were all filled with ice, so having the time we dug out the maps and discussed different routes that might be used. It is too soon to worry about that right now, we'll wait until we get to Attu.