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April 1st

April 1st

Daily Flight Information:

The World Flyers are preparing their aircraft for the official start of the Round-the-World flight on April 4th.

Seattle & Chicago Damaged - Preparations Continue 
By Lt. Erik Nelso

Planes No. 1 and 2 (Seattle and Chicago) had to be taken out of the water due to holes being knocked in the side of the pontoons by a crude mooring buoy, when mooring the planes.

All cowling removed on the four planes and a thorough inspection made. All metal parts thickly coated with No-oxide. Planes given a final coat of vanish. Engine in plane No. 3 was changed due to loss of horsepower and low RPM. Propellers changed from land to water type, tail skids and shock absorber assemblies removed on all planes and openings closed.