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April 21st

April 21st

Daily Flight Information:

The World Flight airplanes "Chicago", "Boston", & "New Orleans" will remain in Dutch Harbor until "Seattle" is repaired at Kanatak, Alaska and joins the others at Dutch Harbor later this month. 

Weather Continues to Delay Flight

Daily Report

by Lt. L.P. Arnold, Chicago Mechanic

 Not much to write about today. We arose at 6:30 and the day was spent by each crew working on their own machine, doing various small jobs that were necessary. Always on an airplane there is something to be done, not something imperative to be done right then, but better to do than leave undone.

According to word received from Kanatak, the Major is not having much luck in getting his plane fixed up. There is no harbor there, just water front & the water has been so rough that it has been impossible to land his motor & supplies.

Tomorrow a freighter leaves here for Seattle & it is our last chance to send mail until we arrive in Japan, so most of the boys are writing letters & I'm going to do likewise

At Kanatak, Alaska - Part 3

by Maj. F.L. Martin Commanding

On the morning of April 17th, the oil which had been lost from the crank case was washed off from the fuselage, wing and tail surfaces of the plane and the engine disconnected so that it could be removed quickly when the new engine was received.

A radiogram had been sent by way of the station at the seepage, the location of the Standard Oil drilling, that an engine be forwarded from Dutch Harbor. This arrived on the U.S. Coast Guard steamer Algonquin on the morning of April 19th. As we were forced to leave the "Seattle" on the surface of the water and due to the scarcity of heavy timbers which could be used to make a tripod or shear legs, a launch with a boom had been towed and the new one lowered into place, but high winds on Saturday and today, prevented the new engine being installed.