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April 23rd

April 23rd

Daily Flight Information:

The World Flight airplanes "Chicago", "Boston", & "New Orleans" will remain in Dutch Harbor until "Seattle" is repaired at Kanatak, Alaska and catches up with the team.

World Flight ready to proceed 
Awaiting arrival of "Seattle"

Daily Report

by Lt. L.P. Arnold Chicago Mechanic 

Yesterday and today so much alike in all respects, it is fitting that they should be written up together.

The weather has been abominable - cold, windy & snowing all of the time. Wade put his plane back into the water yesterday morning, not because he wanted to, but because the freighter with the booms was leaving for Seattle and it has been so windy ever since that he had to anchor it out in the bay instead of beaching it with the others.

The rest of us have continued to work around & planes 2 & 4 are about ready, with the exception of being washed down. Yesterday I attempted to wash the wings with hot water, but the water froze after it had been on the wings a minute & before it could be rinsed of so we soon gave up on that.

Advice from the Major is that he has the plane ready to hop off & overtake us & is waiting for a day when the water will calm down enough for him to get away and that might be in two days to two months according to the natives.

The "Starr" came in yesterday & left again last night for Seward & with it went the last opportunity to send mail until sometime late in May. However, being optimists we hope to be in Japan by then & can then send mail from there.

At Kanatak, Alaska - Daily Report

by Maj. F.L. Martin Commanding

On the morning of April 23rd, it started to blow again. It turned much colder on the night of the 23rd and the some pond where "Seattle" is moored began to freeze over.

The watchman we employed notified the longshoremen assisting us in handling the lines on "Seattle" who then assisted in breaking the ice while it was forming around the plane into the early morning hours of the 24th.