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April 27th

April 27th

Daily Flight Information:

The three World Flight airplanes are waiting in Dutch Harbor, Unalaska Island, Alaska for the arrival of the 4th plane, "Seattle", currently in Chignik, Alaska waiting for good weather to make the flight to catch up after an engine repair in Kanatak, Alaska last week.

"Seattle" waiting for good weather
for the flight to Dutch Harbor

Daily Report

by Lt. E.H. Nelson "New Orleans" Pilot

The exhaust manifolds on the planes were badly burned and cracked. Removed them and had them rewelded aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Haida. The engine in Plane No. 3 was changed due to the presence of a distinct knock. The engine sounded as if ready to jump out of the plane at any moment. This change was made with the assistance of two booms on a large freighter tied along side the dock. The plane was towed up next to the boat, lifted straight out of the water, swung across the ship and put down on the dock. One of the booms was used to make the engine change.

The generator on Plane No. 2, which had failed in flight to this station, was replaced by spare generator, all cowling removed and a thorough inspection was made of all parts. Gasoline strainers and gas and oil tanks thoroughly cleaned.