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April 29th

April 29th

Daily Flight Information:

The 3 World Flight airplanes are waiting in Dutch Harbor, Unalaska Island, Alaska for the arrival of the 4th plane, "Seattle", currently in Chignik, Alaska waiting for good weather to make the flight to catch up after an engine repair in Kanatak, Alaska last week.

"Seattle" ready for next flight 
to Dutch Harbor

Daily Report

by Maj. F.L. Martin Commanding 

The temperature has been low, about twenty above zero Fahrenheit and we awoke this morning to find spray from the seas breaking over the pontoons had frozen on the pontoons, struts, lower parts of the fuselage and wings, causing the plane to look much like an iceberg. It is estimated that there were 400 pounds of ice on the plane this morning. The wind abated slightly which made it possible to reach the ship in safety for the first time since our arrival. Using a launch belonging to the cannery of the Columbia River Packers, the plane was towed in the lee of the wharf at the cannery and fastened securely so that it could ride at anchor safely. After removing the ice, the plane and engine were carefully inspected and serviced with gasoline and oil for the flight to Dutch Harbor.

Daily Report

bby Lt. L.P. Arnold "Chicago" Mechanic

All hands were busy this morning draining oil, repairing runways, and cleaning up tools, etc. in preparation to get away. The Eider was loading up with supplies & bedding for Nagan, our next stop, also Attu -- and will possibly leave tonight.

This afternoon a Japanese freighter that had been towed into port minus a propeller called for assistance in being moved to a better anchoring ground. The Haida went over and we all went along for the ride and to see what it was all about. To ramble over the ship & see the various departments at work was both novel and interesting and we enjoyed the trip.

The Weather at Dutch Harbor

The weather here is abominable -- beyond description. Always it is cold, windy, and snowing, and while there are spells of clearness they are of short duration. From the boat this afternoon while out in the bay we could better see & follow the woolies & their effect on the water. They chase around crazily, blowing from this direction or that, or both, making whirlpools of the water, or picking it up in sheets & carrying it along with it, or disappearing entirely at times only to suddenly reappear with no warning at all.