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April 2nd

April 2nd

Daily Flight Information:

The World Flyers are preparing their aircraft for the official start of the Round-the-World flight on April 4th.

The Vickers 78 Vulture amphibious aircraft being flown by the British team. The Vulture was based on the Vickers Viking that was designed for military use in late 1918.

Other World Flight Contenders

A great deal of publicity has been given to the proposed flight round-the world contemplated by the English and Portuguese, the plans of which provide for an early start during the month of April and the route proceeding west to east. Any flight of this nature starting from any point in Europe will have a distinct advantage over any American expedition of this nature on account of location, which will enable them to take advantage of the prevailing westerlies and in addition to obtain the same advantageous weather conditions which the Army flight hopes to obtain by flying west.

On March 25th, RAF Squadron Leader Archibald Stuart-MacLaren, Flying Officer William Noble Plenderleith, Sergeant W. H. Andrews of the Royal Air Force set off from Calshot in a Vickers Vulture II in an eastbound attempt to circumnavigate the world.