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April 30th

April 30th

Daily Flight Information for the “Seattle”

Departed: Chignik, Alaska, 10:10 a.m.

"Seattle" Feared Down Again!
Long Overdue at Dutch Harbor

The plane never arrived at Dutch Harbor and it's assumed the aircraft made a forced landing along the planned flight route. "Seattle", with Pilot Major F.L. Martin and mechanic SSgt A.L. Harvey, has been forced down twice before. The first time was at Kanatak, Alaska after an engine failure and again in Kujulik Bay because of bad weather.

A search fleet is currently being assembled. It is hoped that the "Seattle" can be located quickly, repaired as necessary, and flown to Dutch Harbor where it will join up with the other three aircraft in the World Flight team.

Daily Report

by Lt. L.P. Arnold "Chicago" Mechanic

To the great surprise of everyone, the weather today was good -- light winds, sun some of the time, and for the first time since leaving Seattle, a day has passed during which there wasn't a storm.

At various times we have intercepted or heard of humorous radio messages in reference to the flight & I regret that I did not save copies of them. Today we broke in on one and for inconsistency and unintended humor, it is a jewel. Hereafter, I'll save them all.

About noon we received a message from Chignik that Maj. Martin had started out 10:10 local time and since then not a word have we heard. Where he is or what happened, we have no idea and of course everyone is worried. Repeated efforts to raise Chignik have failed & possibly the operator heard of Martin's landing near there and has gone out to help. The Algonquin is at False Pass where it is organizing searching parties from various towns in that vicinity; and the Haida leaves at midnight to join the search.