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May 1st

May 1st

Daily Flight Information:

No flying today due to the continuing search for the "Seattle"

"Seattle" still not found!

"Seattle" down for certain

No trace of the World Cruiser "Seattle" and her crew: Major Frederick L. Martin, Pilot and Staff Sergeant Alva L. Harvey, has been found. Several ships, including the Algonquin and Haida, are conducting a search of possible landing harbors and coves along the planned route of flight.

The "Seattle" was attempting to catch up to the other three World Cruisers at Dutch Harbor, Unalaska Island, Alaska, after being forced down near Kanatak, Alaska in mid-April. The "Seattle" and crew floated in Portage Bay all night before being rescued by the US Navy destroyer Hull.

The world flyers waiting in Dutch Harbor have high hopes the "Seattle" will be rescued sometime today.

Daily Report

by Lt. L.P. Arnold "Chicago" Mechanic

Today was spent close to the radio station hoping to receive word that Major Martin had been found. We all feel sure that he is safe in some harbor & that it is only a matter of a day or two before he will get in touch with the outside.

The plane never arrived at Dutch Harbor and it's assumed the aircraft made a forced landing along the planned flight route. "Seattle", with Pilot Major F.L. Martin and mechanic SSgt A.L. Harvey, has been forced down twice before. The first time was at Kanatak, Alaska after an engine failure and again in Kujulik Bay because of bad weather.

A search fleet is currently checking possible landing areas between Kanatak and Dutch Harbor. It is hoped that the "Seattle" can be located quickly, repaired as necessary, and flown to Dutch Harbor where it will join up with the other three aircraft in the World Flight team.