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April 3rd

April 3rd

Daily Flight Information:

The World Flyers are preparing their aircraft for the official start of the Round-the-World flight on April 4th.

Mechanic Sgt Alva Harvey is seen here unhooking the Seattle at Sand Point. Major Frederick Martin is taking in a mooring line on the pontoon. (Museum of History and Industry, Seattle)

World Flight to Leave Tomorrow

After a year of planning, building airplanes, selecting and training eight men, the Army Air Service Round-the-World flight is ready to leave Sand Point, Lake Washington near Seattle, Washington for the first leg of their flight ending in Prince Rupert, British Columbia.

Although the weather will have to improve for the flight to leave as scheduled, Major F.L. Martin, World Flight commander is cautiously optimistic for an on time departure tomorrow morning.

All Cruisers Ready

by Lt. Nelson, World Flight Engineering Officer

The work of installing pontoons on the last of the four airplanes was completed today. All planes were flight tested in Lake Washington over Sand Point with a gross take off weight of 8,000 lbs. Plane No. 3 "Boston" could not get off the water with the full load of 8,200 lbs. due to lack of forward movement of the control column. The elevator control wires were readjusted and the plane got off satisfactorily.

We decided to weigh every article carried in the plane, in order that the gross weight of the plane would be definitely known. Also, to be able to know exactly what would have to be left out, to get off the water with the desired load of gasoline.

World Cruiser #4, The New Orleans, wings it’s way over the Seattle Yacht Club. (Dempster Collection)