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April 4

April 4th

Daily Flight Information:

The World Flyers canceled today's scheduled flight to Prince Rupert, British Columbia.

Start of World Flight Delayed

After completing the last flight test yesterday, the World Flight was due to leave on the first leg of the Round-the-World journey today. However, weather conditions were unfavorable so Major Frederick L. Martin, commander of the flight and pilot of the No. 1 aircraft "Seattle" canceled today's flight and rescheduled for first thing tomorrow morning.

The four Douglas World Cruisers, each carrying a pilot and mechanic, will depart from Sand Point on Lake Washington (near Seattle) for the 605 mile flight to Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada.

First Division Stops Outlined

Lieutenant Clayton L. Bissell, Advance Officer for Division I of the world flight has prepared stopping points for the flyers at: Prince Rupert, British Columbia; Sitka, Seward and Chignik Alaska; Dutch Harbor, Unalaska Island; Nazan, Atka Island and Chicagoff on Attu Island.

The first division amounts to over 3,000 miles and leads up to the flight across the northern Pacific Ocean, something never before accomplished using an airplane.