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April 8th

April 8th

Daily Flight Information:

The World Flight will remain at Prince Rupert until repairs to "Seattle" are complete.

"Seattle" Repair Update 

By Maj. FL Martin, Commanding

The "Seattle" while on the Dry Dock was exposed to the weather. It rained and snowed yesterday and today and it made our work very difficult as we were wet and cold; our hands so numb, we could scarcely work to any advantage. The other members of the flight were engaged during this time in thoroughly inspecting their engines and planes and refueling for the flight to Sitka. While engaged in this work, Lieutenant Wade dropped the lower part of his engine cowling into the water at Seal Cove. An effort was made to grapple for this without success. A new cowling was made from sheet copper to replace the loss.

Daily Report

by Lt. L.P. Arnold "Chicago" Mechanic

April 8th - Up at 6:30, after breakfast posed for the movies & then went to work. Spent morning sliding and slipping around decks of plane oiling up, and afternoon getting a haircut for self-protection -- otherwise Lowell [Smith, "Chicago" Pilot] threatened to cut it with one of the "cut-your-own" someone gave him. (Personally I think he was just curious to see how it worked.)

Majors plane all fixed up & ready to go, most of the boys pitching in & spending the day with him.

Weather -- steady rain all day with a snow flurry occasionally, very cold and chilly.