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April 9th

April 9th

Daily Flight Information:

The World Flight is scheduled to depart for Sitka, Alaska tomorrow morning.

Seattle flight tested
Ready for flight to Sitka

Daily Report

April 9th Lt. L.P. Arnold "Chicago" Mechanic

Up 5:30, raining. Sitka weather reported good. #1 tested & moored 11:45. Day spent checking, oiling wires and fittings, & misc.

Seattle Completed

By Maj. F.L. Martin, Commanding

The new struts for "Seattle" were completed today and intalled this morning. When the brace wires on the left wing were brought to the correct tension, it was found that the wings were in proper alignment, no adjustment being necessary to the wiring of the right wing. The "Seattle" is now in commission. None of the fittings had been moved or showed the slightest indication of the strain that had been placed upon them in the crash. The pontoons were uninjured. This furnishes an excellent testimonial for the sturdy construction of this type of plane. During the afternoon, the "Seattle" was flight tested and serviced in preparation for departing for Sitka tomorrow morning.