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August 24th

August 24th

Daily Flight Information:

Departed: Fredriksdal, Greenland
Arrived: Ivigtût, Greenland
Miles Flown: 165
Flight Time: 2 hrs. 12 mins.
(10:55 a.m. to 1:07 p.m.) 

Total Miles Flown: 18,655
Total Flight Time: 259 hrs. 6 min

Cruisers Make Hop to Ivigtût, Greenland

Daily Report

by Lt. L. P. Arnold, "Chicago", Mechanic

We arose early & to our dismay discovered that some ice had come alongside #2 & punctured one pontoon in two places -- so that by the time we had repaired it & pumped the water from the pontoons it was 10:30.

The weather at Fredriksdal was fine but light rain was reported along the route to Ivigut. At 10:55 we took off along a lane bordered with floating ice & icebergs & started north, keeping a sharp watch along the coast for a possible glance of Locatelli [Italian World Flier lost since August 21st].

About 15 min. out we struck the rain which continued all the way. The clouds ranged from 800 to 1500 feet but the visibility beneath them was fairly good. The coast was lined by high ranges & cliffs and at times from the canyons between them there would rush out at us a terrific gust of wind, resembling the "Woolies" of Alaska, which would toss us and bump us around like corks.

At one o'clock, we sighted the Milwaukee, Capt. Penney, and at 1:05 landed in the bay alongside. Runways on the beach had been constructed & both planes were soon beached and securely tied down.

We all went aboard the cruiser for lunch & were given a rousing reception by the entire crew. After lunch we at once went to work preparing to change motors on both planes as neither one is satisfactory. We worked at this until after ten o'clock with a brief respite when we watched the boxing being staged at a smoker aboard.

Bissell [Lt. Advance Officer for the 6th Division] met us here & is the last person we saw when leaving the states & the first one to meet again.

Daily Report

by Lt. L. H. Smith, Commanding

After having overcome difficulties with ice at Fredriksdal, the flight got away for Ivigut at 10:55 a.m., August 24th. The flight, although being a short one, much of it was made through rain, snow storms, winds, etc. Landing was made at Ivigut at 1:07 in a well protected harbor where the flight was met by the cruiser Milwaukee and Lieut. Clayton L. Bissell who was again acting as Advance Officer. Excellent runways had been established on the beach upon which the planes were immediately placed and plans made to change both motors as a safety precaution for the remainder of the flight. This work was rapidly completed and preparations made for departure.