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August 31st

August 31st

Daily Flight Information:

Departed: Ivigtut, Greenland
Arrived: Icy Tickle, Labrador
Miles Flown: 560
Flight Time: 6 hrs. 55 mins.
(8:25 a.m. to 3:20 p.m.) 

Total Miles Flown: 19,215
Total Flight Time: 266 hrs. 1 min

World Flight Returns to North America

Daily Report

by Lt. L. P. Arnold, "Chicago", Mechanic

At 4 we arose & made preparations to leave, the weather reports being fair. At 6:15 we started taxiing to the outer harbor -- #4 ["New Orleans"] getting off quickly while #2 ["Chicago"] spent a merry two hours before getting off.

At 8:30 we swung around & headed off on the course & ten minutes later dove into a fog (where we knew icebergs were) bank, dropped to 20 feet above water, and 15 minutes later came through into clear weather. From then on weather was mostly excellent, occasional fog banks & showers of short duration being encountered. The last hour into Indian Harbor we encountered a 40-45 mile wind & a light mist but moored OK at emergency moorings dropped by Richmond [US Navy cruiser] a short while before arrival. All in all it was a fine flight, the boats were all in line and could be picked up easily.

At 11:25 the fuel pump on #2 suddenly went bad, the secondary pump refused to work, and from then on it was necessary to use the emergency hand pump -- and four hours of that is hard on the arm. In addition to the fuel system going bad we discovered after landing that the lubricating oil system was leaking & the outside of the plane was covered with oil from front to back. Also the earth inductor compass decided to go on a strike -- outside of all that everything was fine.

The Admiral, his staff, the press, and the movie men were all on shore to greet us & for awhile there was much turning of cranks -- it was good to see the crowd again.

Upon reaching the Richmond the entire crew was assembled & before them the Admiral read to us messages of greetings from the President & the Sect. of War.

In the evening we had a special dinner at five, at six we dined in the wardroom mess, and at 7 were unexpectedly called to the Admirals cabin & had dinner there -- we ate all three of the dinners and enjoyed them all.

About midway between Greenland & Labrador passed a school of whales. When nearing coast saw big iceberg just north of course. First saw North America off in dim distance at 2:55 & landed at 3:20.

After our many dinners we lost little time in climbing into a bunk for a good sleep.

Daily Report

by Lt. L. H. Smith, Commanding

After several days delay in Ivigut caused by unfavorable weather conditions, the start for Labrador was made at 8:25, this morning, the "Chicago" having considerable difficulty in taking off. The patrol ships used were the destroyers Coughlan, McFarland, Osborne, and Laurence. Heavy fog was encountered soon after the takeoff but proved to be only a narrow strip and the planes soon reached excellent flying conditions that continued until within a short distance from Labrador, where a thin fog and strong wind was encountered for the remaining distance. The planes landed near Indian Harbor in Icy Tickle Bay at 3:20. The Richmond had taken up the station here and all preparations for the flight were completed.