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August 3rd

August 3rd

Daily Flight Information:

"Chicago" Only
 Kirkwall, Orkney Islands
Arrived: Hornafjordur, Iceland
Miles Flown: 555
Flight Time: 6 hrs. 13 mins.
(9:30 a.m. to 3:43 p.m.)

Total Miles Flown: 17,370
Total Flight Time: 241 hrs. 11 min.

"Boston" Makes Emergency Landing
near Faroe Islands

Daily Report

by Lt. L. P. Arnold, "Chicago", Mechanic

Beautiful clear day in Kirkwall & at 9 taxied out to harbor where we had the usual trouble getting on the step -- Wade [pilot of "Boston] coming to the rescue "blowing us off" again.

At 9:30 we rounded the point & headed out to sea with a good breeze blowing us along making our speed 100 miles an hour when at 11:00 Wade suddenly landed in the ocean. We of course circled close & could make out that loss of oil caused the landing. Wade signaled for us to go on & send back a boat; and as we could be of no help there we went on. North of the Faroes, we picked up the destroyer Billingsby 293, notified them of Wade's position & predicament, and then headed for Iceland.

Just before reaching the Faroes, the weather began to thicken & from there on the trip was made in light rain and fog. The wind continued to hold with us & the speed stayed at 100 miles per hour -- the destroyer Reed we passed not seeing it at all & the cruiser Raleigh appeared 2.5 miles to west of us after a 270 mile compass course with no checks at all.

Upon landing fueled at once, and soon after we had the good news that Wade was in tow of a trawler. A number of the natives were out in rowboats with the funny oars. The weather here is not cold at all, although from where we are moored can be seen 5 glaciers.

We are all staying in a large fisherman's hut (new) and have a party of sailors from the Raleigh taking care of things & are very comfortable.

Population Hornafjordur: 80

Daily Report

by Lt. L. H. Smith, Commanding

This morning, after following the same procedure for taking off as that of the previous day, the flight got away at 9:30. The weather was excellent. The flight made good progress with a light wind helping along until a point over the North Atlantic Ocean about midway between the Faroe Islands and the Orkney Islands when the oil pressure on the "Boston" suddenly failed and forced Lieut. Wade to land. The water being too rough for a safe landing, the "Chicago" circled until it determined that the "Boston" was disabled and then continued on its course. Notes were prepared giving the location of the "Boston", the wind direction and its probable drift, together with a warning that the sea was increasing and the personnel in danger. The first note dropped was on Sydero Island at a telegraph station and was addressed to the U.S.S. Richmond and with the directions to also broadcast the message though the nearest radio station. The other message was dropped to the destroyer Billingsby, a short distance west of Sando Island. The "Chicago" circled until it received the signal (requested in the note) which would show that the Captain of the destroyer had received and understood the message and that they had started on the search. The "Chicago" then continued to Hornafjordur, flying through rain with very poor visibility the entire distance of 250 miles.

The destroyer Reid which had a position halfway between the Faroe Islands and Iceland was not seen. It later developed that it was 32 miles south of its position, this being caused by their inability to make sun observations for several days. The cruiser Raleigh was passed 25 miles from Hornafjordur. Excellent arrangements had been made at Hornafjordur, including a temporary radio station, set up by the Navy in the building used for the quarters while there. No plans were made for departure the next day, the flight waiting to determine the extent of damage to the "Boston"