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August 8th

August 8th

Daily Flight Information:

The World Flight will wait in Reykjavik for favorable weather for the flight to Greenland. The Flight must also wait for the landing harbor at Angmagsalik, Greenland to become clear of ice."

World Flight Looking for Alternate
Landing Site in Greenland

Daily Report

by Lt. L. P. Arnold, "Chicago", Mechanic

In the a.m. we pulled #4 ["New Orleans"] up onto land & it not being necessary to haul #2 ["Chicago"] up we decided it was better to leave it at anchor. The hauling up was a great treat to the locals & a great crowd stood around all day -- the police protection being all that enabled us to work at all.

The Admiral (McGruder) had a conference today with Lowell [Smith, Lt., pilot of "Chicago"] & his staff, and it was decided to send the Raleigh out tomorrow on a reconnoitering cruise to the Greenland coast.

In the evening we all went aboard the Reed for dinner & as usual enjoyed it.

Daily Report

by Lt. L. H. Smith, "Chicago" Pilot

The advance officer of the 6th Division, Lieut. C. E. Crumrine, was present who confirmed the reports previously received that Lieut. LaClair D. Schulze was on board the Gertrud Rask which was taking supplies to Angmagsalik and which was still blocked in the ice and unable to reach its destination. However, this did not discourage the flight due to the fact that a record maintained for the past twenty years gave the average date for Angmagsalik to become ice-free as August 15th. Action is being taken in several ways to get the flight through without actually landing in Angmagsalik. The cruiser Raleigh departed today on a scouting trip to see if there were any other harbors, or if it were possible to find an ice harbor suitable for refueling the planes.