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July 18th

July 18th

Daily Flight Information:

The World Flight will be in Brough until July 28th while the planes are refitted with pontoons in preparation for the flight across the Atlantic Ocean.

The World Flight must also wait while the US Navy vessels get into position along the flight route across the Atlantic.

World Flight Begins Preparations for
Flight Across the Atlantic Ocean

Daily Report

by Lt. L. P. Arnold, "Chicago", Mechanic

 I arose at 5:15 & with Major Davidson left on an early train for London where I spent the day dashing around to bankers, tailors, hatters, booters, etc. At 5, Smith & Wade [Lt's pilots of "Chicago" & "Boston"] came in & the 3 of us attended a banquet at the Savoy given by the Royal Aero Club. Innumerable Lords & Dukes, etc. were there, the Air Minister, our Ambassador, and many others -- it was a royal reception they tendered to us & their true sportsmanship was greatly appreciated.

The Prince of Wales was dining upstairs & sent for us, so that we had the pleasure of meeting him & chatting for a few minutes.

Later the party split up & at Ciros I met Elsie Janis, Fannie Ward, & Lew Cody -- there are a great many Americans here it seems.

Daily Report

by Lt. L. H. Smith, Commanding

At Constantinople, the flight received the first information of naval assistance across the Atlantic, but upon reaching London we were informed, much to our regret, that the naval assistance would not arrive until July 28th, which would cause a 10 day lay over. However, there is some hope of their arrival ahead of that date and the work on the planes was expedited. All motors were ready to lift out of the planes yesterday afternoon.

This evening, three members of the flight attended a banquet given by the Royal Aero Club of England, in London, in honor of the World Flight; among those who attended and extended their hearty congratulations and welcome were the President of the Royal Aero Club, the Commanding General of the Royal Air Force and the American Ambassador. Immediately following the banquet, we were received by the prince of Wales in his apartment.