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July 11th

July 11th

Daily Flight Information:

The World Flight will be delayed in Turkey for one day while Turkish aviation officials meet with the fliers and inspect their aircraft.

World Fliers Preparing for Next Flight

Daily Report

by Lt. L. P. Arnold, "Chicago", Mechanic

 It had been our desire to leave today but the Turks desired to inspect our planes so had to lay over for that.

At noon we had a quick lunch with Admiral Bristow at the Embassy and then, with Major Miles, made a quick trip sightseeing -- St. Stephanie, the Cisterns, 7 towers, great wall, and tomb. Desired to see tomb of Alexander the Great, but this being the Turks Sunday, it was closed.

At 5 we went to the field where we met Turkish General and staff and spent an hour there explaining, etc. Tusk officers are very well dressed and turned out.

This evening was spent at hotel packing, preparing maps, etc.

Daily Report

by Lt. L. H. Smith, Commanding

The field here is a large one, in fairly good condition. There were a number of French mechanics there who were attempting to make it a terminal for a commercial airways from Paris. The flight was met here yesterday by the advance officer of the 4th Division, Lieut. Harry A. Halverson; the American Ambassador, Admiral Bristow, and Major Carlyle Wash, the Advance Officer of the 5th Division. Their presence at the field was merely an accident as they had not receive any of our late wires to them. No Turkish officials were present for the same reason.

Although the personnel were keen on continuing today, it was believed advisable by the advance officers and the Ambassador that they remain over until the officials could be notified and given an opportunity to inspect the planes as agreed upon before the Turks gave permission to fly through their country. Later yesterday afternoon, the flight commander met the Turkish Chief of Air Services and the Commanding General of their Armies who were there to extend the congratulations of the Turkish Army. They stated that they were anxious to have their Air Service officers see the planes and that they would appreciate the flight remaining over for this purpose. They were very courteous and it is with regret that the flight has found there was publicity to the contrary.

Lieut. Halverson was suffering with fever and other tropical ailments and had been, while passing through most of his division. He deserves great credit for having so successfully completed his mission under such a large physical handicap.