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July 31st

July 31st

Daily Flight Information:

The World Flight is waiting in Kirkwall, Orkney Islands for favorable weather to make the first Atlantic Ocean hop of the World Flight to Hornafjordur, Iceland.

World Flight Waiting for Good Weather

Daily Report

by Lt. L. P. Arnold, "Chicago", Mechanic

Much fog along the route to Iceland & today's trip was called off about 10:30.

Scapa Flow is full of the German Navy that was sunk [scuttled] here early in 1919, many of the vessels not being completely submerged. The "Hindenburg" pride of the German Navy, a dreadnought [battleship], has considerable above water & we decided to look her over -- so accompanied by Naval Officers, newspaper & cameramen, we boarded it, looked all around, even climbing to the tops of the masts. While aboard Wade lost a bet by failing to make the jump from one big gun to another & falling overboard -- the water here by the way being a temperature of 55°.

In the afternoon we drove to the town of Kirkwall & looked the town over -- quaint narrow streets, small stone houses, use peat for fuel, and a church built in 1137. Fair Island sweaters seemed to be a best buy & I guess everyone bought a couple. Also they sell the biggest drinks anyone ever saw.

We returned to ship in time for dinner, talked & wrote awhile, and then turned in.