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June 13th

June 13th

Daily Flight Information:
The World Flight will be delayed for up to a week while a spare engine is installed in "Chicago" and the airplane flown from Hue to Tourane to join up with "Boston" & "New Orleans" before continuing on to Saigon, the next scheduled stop.

Repairs to "Chicago" Continuing at Hue

Daily Report

by Lt. L. P. Arnold "Chicago", Mechanic

Arose at daybreak & went to work preparing to remove the motor. About ten o'clock the heat was terrific & being out in the open received full effect of the sun. If we layed a tool down for a minute it was too hot to pick up, the motor & metal parts of the plane we could not touch, and finally we began to feel weak & queer so we quit and went back to the hotel -- I'm sure God never meant it to be as hot as it was here today.

At the hotel we met a Mr. Bruel, French teacher in a Hue college, that in spite of our dirt & soiled clothes took us to his home for lunch. There we had a cool shower, clean clothes while his coolies washed ours, a delightful luncheon & were kept cool by a native girl of about ten who from the next room kept a large ceiling fan swinging back and forth. Our host was most entertaining & was greatly put out when we explained that it would be impossible, on account of lack of time, for us to go tiger hunting with him. In the evening we went back to his home for dinner where we met some of the other teachers, and about 11 we returned to the hotel.