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June 15th

June 15th

Daily Flight Information:
The "Chicago" was flown from Hue to Tourane today joining the other two World Flight planes. The flight will continue to Saigon, French Indochina as early as tomorrow, weather permitting.

"Chicago" Flies to Tourane

Daily Report

by Lt. L. P. Arnold "Chicago", Mechanic

The "troupe" left about five o'clock and at ten we warmed up the plane & took off for Tourane -- where we arrived 40 minutes later.

The trip down the river that a few days ago had taken us nine hours today took about ten minutes. While going down the coast we were amazed by the number of fish traps the natives have set out in the lagoons. A fish hasn't a chance in these waters. In one big lagoon we saw about a dozen huge, light colored fish swimming beneath the water. I wonder if they were sharks. Another object of interest were the native grave yards -- each tomb appeared to be a round mound surrounded by a dry moat -- from the air giving the appearance of a concentric circle.

The landing at Tourane was easily made & that evening we went to a reception given by the French Governor here -- short, informal, a "cup of champagne," and after stopping at our advance agents home for a short time in order to clear up the bills, we returned to the ship.

Engineering Report

by Lt. E. H. Nelson, "New Orleans" Pilot

Tourane - General inspection, routine work and servicing. Plane No. 2 was forced to land at Hue due to loss of water through cracked cylinder jacket and auxiliary water valve. New engine was necessary. Same was brought from Saigon to Tourane by a U.S. Destroyer. The engine was then transported overland to Hue by motor truck. The engine was unloaded next to the edge of the river and uncrated. Plane No. 2 was pulled up the river under a bridge and suitable block and tackles used to lift the engine out of the plane and lift the new one in. The plane then flown to Tourane.