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June 17th

June 17th

Daily Flight Information:
The World Flight will remain in Saigon for at least today awaiting the positioning of a US destroyer at a refueling stop between Saigon and Bangkok.

World Flight Waiting in Saigon

Daily Report

by Lt. L. P. Arnold, "Chicago", Mechanic

Everyone needed clothes & things, so n spite of the fact we didn't want to stay in Saigon at all, we spent the morning shopping & returned to the ship at noon. The afternoon we spent working on the planes and according to all plans will depart early in the morning.

Practically every morning is clear & every afternoon it rains here at this time of the year in this part of the world -- so while yesterday there was no rain at all we had the daily squall this evening.

Saigon has many pretty unusual things in its shops of Indian, Siamese, and Annamite origins in that we had an interesting morning looking things over. The current in the river here is very swift which keeps the river deep & ocean liners have no trouble coming right up to the town to anchor -- to see such huge ships so far from the main bodies of water was unusual.

Because of problems encountered on the last few flights, the World Flight will remain in Saigon an extra day waiting for a US Destroyer carrying extra fuel to get into position between Saigon and Bangkok, the next scheduled stop.

The Douglas World Cruisers have experienced difficulty in getting airborne when heavily loaded combined with smooth water, light (hot) air with little wind.

To avoid similar problems when leaving Saigon, Lt. Smith, pilot of "Chicago" and World Flight Commanding Officer, decided to fly with a lighter load and include a refueling stop at Kampongsong Bay, French Indochina.

Engineering Report

by Lt. E. H. Nelson, "New Orleans" Pilot

General inspection, routine work and servicing. The generator on Plane No. 3 went out during the flight to Saigon. The cause of the trouble, however, could not be determined due to lack of proper instruments. The generator control box was also removed and tested to determine whether or not the trouble was in the generator alone. It was decided to install an extra storage battery with a switch as no new generator was available, to be able to use this battery for a short while, then the other. The generator was installed in order that the tachometer readings could be taken. It did not charge, however..