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June 22nd

June 22nd

Daily Flight Information:
The World Flight will remain in Rangoon until Lt. Smith has recovered from dysentery and the wing of "New Orleans" is repaired.

World Flight Pauses in Rangoon

Daily Report

by Lt. L. P. Arnold, "Chicago", Mechanic

The day was spent on the planes -- Nelson repairing his wing & the rest of us fueling, cleaning, etc.

Late in the afternoon, we all went for a service & played water polo -- rather strenuous but good exercise. Lowell [Smith, Commander] is getting along nicely but it will be a couple of days before he will be ready to leave.

In the evening Gram, Vice Counsel, took us all in to dinner at the Vienna & afterwards we took a trip down through the slums -- squalid & dirty, but rather interesting.

The World Flight will remain in Rangoon for a few more days to allow sufficient time to repair the damage to the "New Orleans" and let Lt. Smith recover from dysentery.

The "New Orleans" was damaged the night of June 20-21 when a cargo sampan collided with it. The outboard wing and spar were damaged in the collision. Repairs are progressing with parts supplied by the local seaplane company and the plane should be ready in a day or two.

Lt Smith contracted dysentery after drinking unpurified water after the forced landing of "Chicago" near Hue, French Indochina last week. Although Lt. Smith is expected to recover fully, it will probably be a few days before he is well enough to continue the World Flight.