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June 24th

June 24th

Daily Flight Information:
The World Flight will remain in Rangoon until Lt. Smith has recovered from dysentery and the wing of "New Orleans" is repaired.

"New Orleans" Repairs Complete

Daily Report

by Lt. L. P. Arnold, "Chicago", Mechanic

Nelson's plane ["New Orleans"] was finished up this morning and launched at noon and everything made ready to depart the next morning.

In the afternoon some of us went into town, looked through the shops and native bazaars for curios -- the sight of an old Burmese woman tending store smoking a big cigar was good for the best laugh of the day.

We all had dinner at the bungalow and turned in early.

The World Flight will be ready to depart for Chittagong tomorrow morning if the weather is favorable.

The repairs to the "New Orleans" are complete. The plane was damaged when a cargo sampan collided with the it during the fliers' first night in Rangoon.

Lt. Smith, Commander of the World Flight team, has recovered from a mild case of dysentery. Lt. Smith contracted the illness after drinking unpurified water after an emergency landing near Hue, French Indochina.