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June 29th

June 29th

Daily Flight Information:
The World Flight will be in Calcutta for a few days making preparations for the overland portion of the World Flight.

Planes Nearly Ready & Lt. Smith Breaks a Rib

Daily Report

by Lt. L. P. Arnold, "Chicago", Mechanic

Up early & worked until dark on the planes -- at Maidon Field we found a grove of trees & pushed the planes into the center where we were shaded from the sun, it was a great help. The destroyers sent in a number of sailors at assist & they did fine work -- later I learned that they were volunteers & so many men had wanted to come that it was difficult to choose, some of them had shore liberty & spent the day there helping us -- a wonderful spirit.

McDonald, Standard Oil, had Smith & I out at the house for dinner -- a nice dinner but the evening was marred when Lowell stepped through a hole in the walk & broke a rib.

Although Lt. Lowell Smith has suffered a broken rib, the World Flight is expected to continue tomorrow or the next day.

The planes are ready to go and are parked on Maidon Field in Calcutta after the pontoons were replaced with wheels. The airplanes will fly from land bases until reaching the northern tip of the United Kingdom where the pontoons will be reinstalled for the flight across the Atlantic Ocean.