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June 3rd

June 3rd

Daily Flight Information:
The World Fliers are waiting in Kagoshima, Japan for at least one day to allow US destroyers to get into support positions for the long over water flight from Japan to China.

World Fliers Preparing for Flight to Shanghai, China

Daily Report

by Lt. L. P. Arnold "Chicago" Mechanic 

e arose at 6:30 & spent the day working and checking over the planes. We had a lot of trouble keeping the small boats away from the planes but managed to keep them from staving in the pontoons. Lowell [Smith] & I finished up about 3 o'clock so we came aboard the Black Hawk to clean up & then went ashore. Major Watari met us & took us to one of some Prince's castles where we went through a beautiful garden, met the Governor & Major, and then spent an hour at some tea house with the Geisha girls to entertain us -- riding back to the boat at 7 in rickshaws.

We had dinner aboard, packed up getting ready to leave early in the morning, and went to bed about 11.