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June 6th

June 6th

Daily Flight Information:
The World Flight will depart for Amoy, China -- the next scheduled stop -- as early as tomorrow, weather permitting.

World Flier's Preparing to Continue Flight

French World Flier Crashes

The French flier, D'Oisy, crashed earlier this week at Shanghai while attempting a landing in the busy Yangtze river basin.

The French have no plans to continue their world flight attempt at this point.

The British world flight should be able to continue shortly after the spare aircraft arrives at Akya after being shipped from Tokyo late last month.

Daily Report

by Lt. L. P. Arnold , "Chicago" Mechanic 

New exhaust stacks fitted to all planes today -- the old stacks being burned on the flight from Kagoshima. We spent some time lightening the load to prevent a repeat of the problem experienced in Kagoshima. With the weather getting hotter, the planes will have a more difficult time getting into the air during smooth water take offs in the less dense air.

[Lt] Wade and I made some official calls today.

The remainder of the day was spent sightseeing in Shanghai and in the evening we attended a reception and had an authentic Chinese dinner.