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June 8th

June 8th

Daily Flight Information:
 Amoy, China 
Arrived: Hongkong, British Commonwealth
Miles Flown: 310
Flight Time: 3 hrs. 24 mins.
(10:11 a.m. to 1:35 p.m.)

Total Miles Flown:7,735
Total Flight Time:106 hrs. 50 min.

World Flight Arrives in Hongkong

The World Flight will be delayed at least one day in Hongkong to change the pontoon on "Chicago" -- leaking since Kagoshima, Japan. The "Chicago" will also require some engine work and all three planes will have their propellers inspected and reworked as necessary.

The World Flight will be ready to make the next hop to Haiphong, French Indo-China by June 10th.

Daily Report

by Lt. L. P. Arnold , "Chicago" Mechanic 

 Left Amoy after 10 this morning for the flight to Hongkong. As usual, crowds of sampans hampered are takeoff and landing. A little more than an hour from Hongkong, we encountered a typhoon along with driving rain and fog. The landing in Hongkong was difficult due to the weather and the harbor boat traffic. We missed our moorings, but with the aid of Standard Oil were able to secure our planes.

We decided to change the leaking pontoon on "Chicago." We made arrangements to have the aircraft lifted onto the Standard Oil dock and in the evening went into the city.

Daily Report

by Lt. L. H. Smith, Commanding

This morning, the flight left Amoy got Hongkong, flying south around China Point, then following the coast to Hongkong, about the last 100 miles of the flight being made through a small typhoon. Landed in Hongkong at 1:35. Advance arrangements were excellent in Hongkong, no especial difficulty being encountered. A spare pontoon having been brought to Hongkong on one of the destroyers from Tokyo, it was decided to replace the leaking one on the "Chicago." The Standard Oil Agent, Mr. J. W. Shaw, assisted in obtaining a crane sufficiently large to lift the plane on to their wharf for the purpose of making the pontoon change. A cylinder jacket was also leaking on the "Chicago" and was welded.