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March 29

March 29th

Daily Flight Information:

The World Flyers are preparing their aircraft for the official start of the Round-the-World flight on April 4th.

Lt. Arnold and Lt. Smith. (Image courtesy of San Diego Air and Space Museum)

Lt. Arnold to Replace Tech Sergeant Turner

Technical Sergeant Arthur H. Turner, mechanic for Lt. Smith and the No. 2 World Cruiser Chicago, has been replaced by 1st Lieutenant Leslie P. Arnold. Sadly, Tech Sgt Turner had developed a lung condition which rendered him unfit to continue the flight. Upon the request of Lieut. Lowell H. Smith, Lieut. Arnold was substituted as mechanic.

Lieut. Arnold had been a alternate pilot for the World Flight and thus has all the necessary passports to allow entry into all the countries along the planned World Flight route. Because the flight is scheduled to depart Seattle next week, there isn't enough time to complete all the necessary paperwork for another enlisted mechanic. General Patrick, Chief of Air Service has been informed of the change and directed the flight to depart on schedule.