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March 27th

March 27th

Daily Flight Information:

The World Flyers are preparing their aircraft for the official start of the Round-the-World flight on April 4th.

Major Martin gets a face full of Lake Washington water as the "Seattle" gets christened.

Cruiser Christening

By Major F.L. Martin, A.S. - Commander, Around the World Flight

Seattle was wildly enthusiastic over the arrival and presence of the flight at their city and besieged us with invitations to all sorts of club and civic functions. Such of these were accepted as was thought would create the most beneficial influence for the Army and the Air Service and which interfered as little as possible with the work at hand. Talks were made by the flight commander at a dinner given by the Chamber of Commerce, a luncheon by the Young Men's Business Club and a luncheon given by the Kiwanis Club. The alternate pilots, Lieutenant Arnold and Lieutenant Schulze, accompanying the flight were utilized to fill some of these engagements.

At 2:00 p.m. today (March 27th), the respective airplanes were christened in compliance with instructions received from the Office of the Chief of Air Service. The christening was attended by the President of the Chamber of Commerce, Mr. David Whitcomb, Jr. and the Mayor of Seattle, Mr. Brown. No. 1 was christened "Seattle" by Mrs. David Whitcomb, Jr., wife of the President of the Chamber of Commerce. No. 2 was christened "Chicago" by Mrs. Auwilda Connell, wife of Captain Carl Connell of the Air Service. No. 3 was christened "Boston" by Mrs. M.F. Harmon, wife of Major M.F. Harmon of the Air Service and No. 4 was christened "New Orleans" by Mrs. T.J. Koenig, wife of Lieutenant T.J. Koenig, Air Service. The beverages used for the christening were in accordance with the spirits of the times, pure water from Lake Washington, Lake Michigan, and the Atlantic Ocean, forwarded from Chicago, New Orleans and Boston respectively. [Note: the report omitted the water for the New Orleans came from the Mississippi River Delta at the Gulf of Mexico - Ed.] The occasion was made one of considerable ceremony, each airplane being presented with large quantities of flowers, - in set pieces and bouquets, The names of the airplanes in block letters, four inches high, were placed on the cowling of the engine cockpit, near the bow, in conformity with the custom which prevails throughout maritime circles and the navies of the world.