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May 10th

May 10th

Daily Flight Information:

The World Flight is currently at Attu Island finishing up maintenance tasks and preparing their planes for the flight to Paramushiru, Japan -- the next scheduled stop..

"Seattle" crew found!

Major Frederick L. Martin and Staff Sergeant Alva L. Harvey were found today. The two men left Chignik, Alaska flying the Douglas World Cruiser on the morning of April 30th and disappeared later that day.

No trace of the plane or crew was found until the men were picked up at Moller Bay today by a launch and transported to the cannery at Port Moller where they arrived at 6 p.m.

Details of the flyer's ordeal are sketchy at this point, but the two men apparently walked from the crash site of their plane -- "Seattle" -- to Port Moller over the 11 days they were missing.

Daily Report

by Lt. L.P. Arnold "Chicago" Mechanic

The calm weather of yesterday was gone this morning & all day it rained and the woolies performed. This morning some work was done on the planes but as the storm increased we all quit at noon -- the woolies this afternoon were worse than any hitherto seen, and many times we rushed to the door when an especially violent one would strike us to see how the planes weathered it. Luckily, we have good secure moorings and the planes are riding nicely. In the evening, the clouds broke up and the stars, moon, and last rays of the sun on the mountains made a beautiful combination at ten o'clock.

Attu is a native village boasting of three wooden houses and a number of "barrabas" -- huts of grass & sod having a floor space of about 8 & 10 feet in which six to eight live. The population is 59 Aleuts and it is the most western U.S. town. Since leaving Seattle each town stopped at has been smaller than the previous, but soon that should change.