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May 12th

May 12th

Daily Flight Information:

The World Flight is currently at Attu Island finishing up maintenance tasks and preparing their planes for the flight to Paramushiru, Japan -- the next scheduled stop..

Preparation for Next Hop Nearly Complete

Daily Report

by Lt. L.P. Arnold "Chicago" Mechanic

A day of rain but not much wind -- and spent oiling, gassing, and checking the planes. It was about four p.m. when finally everyone quit work thoroughly chilled and soaked. And then to cap the climax, a few minutes later it stopped raining & the sun almost came out.

A crew came ashore from the Haida and were invaluable in assistance rendered in fueling up. Also another crew set up a radio outfit so that with a shore station here, the Haida part way out, & the Eider at Nokolaski we will be well taken care of on the next flight. Three of the crew will stay here after Haida leaves to run the radio, cook, etc. all of which will be fine for us.

In the evening, we all went out to the Haida for dinner, which as usual was greatly enjoyed. We sat around afterwards talking, sending telegrams, etc.; three of us later coming ashore while the others spent the night aboard.

The house ashore we are using belongs to a Mr. Schroeder of Unalaska who runs the island. A nice little wooden house, but with nine of us here, it will be crowded. It has two beds so the rest of us sleep on the floor on mattresses & bedding furnished by the Haida, the food all from the boat, boxes for chairs, etc. -- camping has nothing on this. The Haida has been indispensable in more ways than one & while we could have gotten along without it, having it along & the spirit of its personnel has been perfect.