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May 13th

May 13th

Daily Flight Information:

The World Flight is currently at Attu Island finishing up maintenance tasks and preparing their planes for the flight to Paramushiru, Japan -- the next scheduled stop..

World Flyers Waiting for Good Weather

Daily Report

by Lt. L.P. Arnold "Chicago" Mechanic

Also a day of rain, the wind gradually increasing in force until in the afternoon the Haida put out to sea to ride it out. The barometer dropped steadily to 28.45, the lowest I've ever seen -- the Aleutians can boast 100% poor weather.

In the morning some of us went aboard the plane & attended to various jobs, but the afternoon was spent getting thawed and dried out. Mr. Schroeder has a number of novels here and all hands are busy most of the time reading some wild tale.

It is the custom to hang lanterns aboard the planes at night so we can easily keep track of their positions -- but tonight for the first time, we were unable to hang them on. Harding & Ogden started out in a dory, but the wind was so great they were blown past the planes & on across the bay in spite of their efforts to row against the wind; finally abandoning the dory and walking back to the hut via the beach -- and for the second time today being soaked through. From the number of times all of us have been wet and cold, upon our return, a trip to the Hot Springs to boil out might be a good idea to prevent rheumatism a few years hence.