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May 20th

May 20th

Daily Flight Information:
The World Fliers are prepared for the next scheduled hop to Minato, Japan, but are waiting for favorable weather reports before continuing their flight.


Waiting for Good Weather at Hitokappu

Daily Report

by Lt. L.P. Arnold "Chicago" Mechanic

Up at 3 a.m., had breakfast, walked the 2 miles to the lake where the planes are, and before seven were all set to go -- only about that time the fog set in. We waited until 9 & then called it off for today.

The time was spent very profitably though in looking around. First we visited a store where real good beer could be obtained & also had a chance to see the interior of a Japanese house with the small coal heaters, the straw mattresses, and paneled walls. The natives & their various costumes were most interesting. The scenery hereabouts also drew attention -- many trees, while short and stunted, are the kind so often seen in Japanese drawing, the shrubbery is very dense, and for the first time since leaving Seattle we saw horses. They are small with rough long hair -- more of the burro type.

In the afternoon, the two Japanese destroyer crews held wrestling matches ashore to which we were invited -- and it was better than a circus. The participants strip to a breech clout & the idea seems to be to force the other outside of the ring. The men were wonderful physical specimens & I have a new respect for their strength and prowess. The wrestlers are prone to pose, stamp their feet, and stretch their muscles -- and all in a manner that amused us greatly but to them is a native custom. Another custom is that of throwing salt into the arena at the feet of their opponent to drive away any evil spirits that may be with said opponent. The referee is also a very important personage, has full control, and armed with a fan and in his bare feet, his decisions are never contested. Following the bouts, the Japanese officers served us with wine & cakes, after which we came aboard the Pope where coffee & cakes were served and a movie shown.

This evening about 7:30, the Ford came in from Paramushiru. Some of them came aboard, an hours talk was held, and about 9 they pulled out and continued on southward.

Weather reports for tomorrow predict rain but we all hope they will prove false & that we can go on to Minato -- the next stop. Then we will be only a short way from Tokyo, mail, clothes, etc.