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May 21st

May 21st

Daily Flight Information:
The World Fliers are prepared for the next scheduled hop to Minato, Japan, but are waiting for favorable weather reports before continuing their flight.


Weather Continues to Delay World Flight

Daily Report

by Lt. L.P. Arnold "Chicago" Mechanic

It was so foggy this morning that we didn't get up and slept until 8 and the fog continued all day.

We spent the time in various ways -- some reading, some playing "acey duecy" & some going ashore trout fishing. Capt. McClaren told us some interesting stories of the old methods of crucifixion in China -- that of the "lime pit" & the "unfaithful wife" being perhaps the most horrible.

According to all information, good weather is due tomorrow so we all went to bed around eight o'clock for a few hours sleep.