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May 27th

May 27th

Daily Flight Information:
The World Flight is in Tokyo, Japan making necessary repairs and conducting preventative maintenance on their aircraft before continuing to Kushimoto, Japan, the next scheduled stop.

"Chicago" Ready After Engine Change

Daily Report

by Lt. L. P. Arnold "Chicago" Mechanic 

Up at 4:30 a.m. and from then until 6:30 p.m. everyone labored hard and had this not been a holiday, would have had plane in the water this afternoon.

The work progressed rapidly, the assistance is all that we could ask and more -- and everything possible is being done to assist us.

Everyone was pretty tired tonight & retired early.

Daily Report

by Lt. L. H. Smith Commanding  

Since 23 May, the officers of the flight have been occupied

in changing motors, pontoons and in attending such Japanese function of welcome in Tokyo that were believed absolutely essential for them to attend. All these receptions were very elaborate and impressed the fliers with the sincerity of the Japanese people's welcome and their great interest in the World Flight. While in Tokyo, a conference was held with Captain John S. Abbott, United States Navy, in command of the Destroyer Division in Japanese waters, who was also representing Admiral Washington in command of the Asiatic Fleet and complete detailed arrangements were made for assistance by the Asiatic Squadron for the entire distance to Calcutta, India.

British World Flyer Crashes

The British attempt to fly around the world has ended with the crash of the aircraft in Akyab -- a stop between Calcutta, India and Bangkok, Siam [Thailand].

The British pilot, MacLaren, was not seriously injured in the crash. Plans to continue the flight with a spare aircraft should allow the British attempt to resume within a few weeks.

The British flight began in England and is progressing West to East -- the opposite direction of the American Attempt.