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May 28th

May 28th

Daily Flight Information:
The World Flight is in Tokyo, Japan making necessary repairs and conducting preventative maintenance on their aircraft before continuing to Kushimoto, Japan, the next scheduled stop.

"Chicago" Undgoes Flight Tests With New Engine and Pontoons

Daily Report

by Lt. L. P. Arnold "Chicago" Mechanic 

This morning arose at 7 and by noon had # 2 in the water & two test hops made, and #3 & 4 in the hangar & motor changed in #3. No. 2 had radiator changed & most of the necessary "odds & ends" attended to & towed out to mooring. A real "he man's" days work I'd say.

In the evening Comdr. Yaragushi, in charge of the Seaplane Division here, entertained us at dinner and we learned a new form of Japanese custom. This was the real informal type of dinner as given only to one's most intimate friends.

Small tables for four were set (of course being on the floor & shoes off, etc.) a burner in the center of each table over which a most delicious sauce was cooked small steaks, vegetables, etc.. Each of us helped himself as desired. Nothing but chop sticks were used & it being our 4th time with them we get along pretty well -- so we think anyway. The outstanding events of the evening were -- Harding deciding to take a nap and Nelson walking overboard into a muddy rice paddy while on the way home.

The Douglas World Cruiser "Chicago" was flown for 40 minutes today. The test flight was done to ensure the newly changed engine was functioning correctly. The aircraft was also taxied around Lake Kasumigaura for 40 minutes to check the integrity of the newly replaced pontoons and conduct basic engine tests before actual flight testing began.