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May 30th

May 30th

Daily Flight Information:
The World Flight is in Tokyo, Japan making necessary repairs and conducting preventative maintenance on their aircraft before continuing to Kushimoto, Japan, the next scheduled stop.

Maintenance Checks Complete
Flight Ready to Continue in Two Days

The scheduled maintenance on "Boston" -- which included an engine change and new pontoons & "New Orleans" which received new pontoons was completed today.

Both aircraft will be returned to the waters of Kasumigaura in the morning. Flight tests are scheduled for sometime tomorrow morning or early afternoon. If the tests prove satisfactory, the planes will be serviced with oil and fuel for the next scheduled hop to Kushimoto, Japan which could take place as early as Sunday, June 1st.

Daily Report

by Lt. L. P. Arnold "Chicago" Mechanic 

Up early again this morning -- 4:45 -- and worked until nearly seven at night. The other two planes are all ready to launch first thing in the morning and if everything goes well, we will leave early Sunday morning.

The Japanese had a accident this morning when one of their land planes collapsed in the air and fell into the lake within 100 feet of our plane. All of us were in the hangar at the time & did not see it.

The station here, kasumigaura -- meaning foggy lake I believe, is a big lake at least fifteen miles long. Surrounded by rice fields on three sides, the town of Tsuchimira on the other, mountains at a distance to the north, warm & sunny & clear, all go together to make up a beautiful picture.