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May 31st

May 31st

Daily Flight Information:
The World Flight is in Tokyo, Japan making necessary repairs and conducting preventative maintenance on their aircraft before continuing to Kushimoto, Japan, the next scheduled stop.

Flight Tests Complete
World Flight to Continue Tomorrow

After completion on maintenance tasks yesterday, both "Boston" and "New Orleans" were flight tested today. Each plane was flown for a little more than an hour with an additional 20 minutes spent taxiing around the water checking various aircraft systems before and after the flight. The World Flight will leave for Kushimoto, Japan tomorrow if the weather is good.

Daily Report

by Lt. L. P. Arnold "Chicago" Mechanic 

Up today at 6 & until 4 p.m., everyone was busy getting ready to leave in the morning. We discovered a leak in one pontoon, but fixed it up with some rubber bands.

In the evening, the Admiral commanding the station here gave us a farewell dinner at which everyone had a good time -- if they didn't it was their own fault. We left about 9:30 & from then until 11:45, I spent the time packing ( for from here we are sending back our heavy flying equipment, etc.), writing letters, etc. -- from all accounts, each hop from now on is going to get hotter and hotter.