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May 5th

May 5th

Daily Flight Information:

The World Flyers are in Nazan, Atka awaiting the arrival of the Coast Guard cutter Haida from Dutch Harbor which is necessary to act a radio relay station with the cutter Eider in Attu, the next scheduled stop. 

Cutter Haida Arrives at Nazan
-- "Seattle" and Crew Still Missing--

"Seattle" Search Update 

There seems to be little hope of finding the "Seattle" and crew safely landed on the water. All likely and most unlikely landing sites -- harbors, coves, inlets and lakes have been searched repeatedly.

Overland search parties including some dogsled teams are continuing the search along the last reported flight path towards the Black Lake area northward from Chignik, Alaska to the Bering Sea.

The "Seattle" with pilot, Major F. L. Martin, and mechanic, Staff Sergeant A. L. Harvey, has been missing since midday 30 April.

Daily Report

by Lt. L.P. Arnold "Chicago" Mechanic

The Haida steamed into port about 10 a.m. and was a welcome sight. The balance of the day was spent fueling the planes & was no easy task. The drums had been placed on the beach some time ago & there being no dock we brought the boat as close to shore as it would come, put out a couple of planks, and then rolled the drums aboard -- but to reach the planks it was necessary to wade knee deep in the water. Then row the boat alongside the plane and pump the gas aboard. Today there was a stiff northwest wind making a choppy sea which frequently broke over the boat -- so that long before the task was finished all hands were wet and cold.

In the evening we went aboard the Haida for dinner where we were well fed and dried out our clothes. Being wet & cold is developing into a habit.

We had hoped to learn from the Haida that Major Martin had been found, but sorry to say, they had no news at all except a second report that he was seen heading towards Black Lake in the Bering Sea.