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May 8th

May 8th

Daily Flight Information:

The World Flyers are in Nazan, Atka awaiting good weather for the flight to Chicagoff, Attu Island, Alaska, their next scheduled stop.

Weather Delays Flight Again
-- "Seattle" and Crew Still Missing --

"Seattle" Search Update 

The primary search focus has shifted to overland teams tracing the likely flight route from Chignik west towards Black Lake on the Alaska Peninsula and north towards the Bering Sea.

The "Seattle" with pilot, Major F. L. Martin, and mechanic, Staff Sergeant A. L. Harvey, has been missing since midday 30 April.

Daily Report

by Lt. L.P. Arnold "Chicago" Mechanic

Again up at 5 a.m. & ready to depart, but delayed by poor weather at Attu. Inasmuch as the flight to Attu has several 60 mile and one 100 mile hop over water, so that thick or foggy weather would be most detrimental.

The weather here was almost perfect and in the afternoon it was clearer than at any time since we've started. The afternoon was spent hunting along with the officers from the Haida -- one party after trout, one after ducks and small birds, and five of us went after the eagles. We had a lot of fun chasing eagles around from one island to another & expended alot of ammunition. Why someone didn't get shot during the melee will always be a mystery.